Ribbon for Windows and Mac versions of Word 2016

  • File: This gives access to the settings for Word and the ability to Save As and Save to remote disks. This is not in the Mac version
  • Home: This ribbon gives you the ability to edit the character and paragraph elements of Word. It also has the copy, paste, and cut functions as well as alignment functions.
  • Insert: This lets you put various elements into a document such as Pictures, Tables, Shapes, or other elements. When you insert one of these elements, Word creates a new ribbon for that element, with tools to edit that element, to the right of that list.
  • Design: This has preset templates for your document. It allows you to change those templates.
  • Layout: Here you can change the number of columns, margin, indentation, and spacing, as well as other elements in the document as a whole.
  • References: This lets you put in a table of contents, endnotes, footnotes in your document. It also has tools to search and edit your references.
  • Mailings: This helps you print labels and envelopes. It can also help you gather and create a list of contacts for the labels and envelopes.
  • Review: This has the editing tools such as spell check grammar check. It also allows you to track those changes, compare them, or accept or reject them.
  • View: This lets you switch between a print view and web view, see your document as an outline. It also lets you view gridlines and rulers, as well as arrange and edit your open Word document windows.