Make a copy Google Drive

Making a copy duplicates a document. This function works on multiple documents, but it does not work on folders.

Google Drive Make a copy
After clicking Make a copy in the top list or right click menu, a Copy of the document/s are made in the same directory.

This works on one or more documents.

  1. Click the desired document. To select more than on document:
    1. If the second document is directly above or below the first document selected, hold down the Shift key then click the second document.
    2. If the second document is not directly above or below the first document, hold down the Ctrl button on Windows or a Linux distro (Cmd on a Mac). Then click the the document
  2. Next click the three dots in the menu above the documents. You also can right click on one of the selected documents to reveal a menu.
  3. Click Make a Copy from the list.

A copy of the document/s will appear after a period of processing titled “Copy of (document name of item copied).

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