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Libre OfficeWriter can protect your Word documents

The ability for multiple persons to work on the same document is important – for employees working on a sales report to soccer moms creating a flier for a bake sale. For a couple of decades now documents could be sent to others via email or by another means to others. Several office applications allow people to work on a document at the same time.

Many times there are people in a group who receive a document that do not need to edit a document or only edit parts of it. For those situations Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer have settings that allow the original creator of a document, or administrator, to make a document read-only, require a password to open it, or to make some sections of it un-editable. Both applications have similar capabilities in this regard. While Word has more protective features, LibreOffice has certain advantages over it.

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Privacy: A LibreOffice advantage

Most software companies track you and collect data about you. They no longer deliver their applications through hard media, such as CDs and USB sticks, but users have to download them and create accounts. This is widely known.

Microsoft jumped on this bandwagon about 10 years ago when it introduced Office 365, a set of services combined with its traditional office applications. A Microsoft account is required to download the applications.

Users can no longer visit a store, pay cash for a copy with a DVD, install it on their computers and simply register the software.

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LibreOffice Writer, Word 2016 offer many list styles for document designers

The addition of lists to word processors have helped writers keep their readers engaged in their articles and other documents. Different documents have different themes, and many word processors have different styles of bullets and numbering to fit with the variety of documents.

Bullets and numbering lists break down information in documents and make them easier to read. Bullets and numbering can be combined to create multilevel lists.

LibreOffice and Microsoft Word have various styles and features for bulleted and numbering lists. This article will compare list styles for LibreOffice Writer and Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows.

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